Volume 5 (2022)

Access the complete volume as a PDF here.


Front matter {PDF}

Editor’s Introduction {PDF}

First-Year Writing

The Impact of Tourism and Globetrotting on Individuals {PDF}
Ago-Amaechi Godwin Ifeanyi (Amexify)

A Warning to Future Generations: “The Lottery” {PDF}
Hannah Dudelson

Yellow Feminism {PDF}
Telle Lanum

The Innocence of Man {PDF}
Cortni Taylor

The Significance of Religious Symbols in “The Masque of the Red Death”: A Response to Leonard Cassuto {PDF}
Anastasia Dulle

Writing across the Disciplines

The Traveling Tales of Apollo Orestes {PDF}
Joshua Edwards

Vicarious Dysfunction and the Redeemability of Ego-Libidinal Extinction: Freud and The Maltese Falcon {PDF}
Wendell Hixson

Ethos in Cicero’s First and Fourth Speeches against Lucius Sergius Catilina {PDF}
Robert Spurlin

Rhetorical Identification in Sign Language Poetry {PDF}
Anastasia Dulle

The Role of Religious Abuse in the Development of Internalized Homophobia and Shame in the LGBTQ+ Community {PDF}
Jaryn Stringfellow

The Pandemic’s Correlation to College Students’ Social Anxiety {PDF}
Eriyon Tecson