Submissions to The Drover Review, vol. 5 (2022), are now open. Submissions are due by Friday, March 4, 2022.

The Drover Review invites essayistic and scholarly writing by current USAO students. Entries considered for publication should fit one of two categories:

  1. Work written for USAO’s writing-intensive first-year courses, including Writing I (IDS 1113), Writing II (IDS 1213), and Rhetoric & Critical Thinking (IDS 1013)
  2. Work written for a cross-disciplinary range of other courses at USAO (including both IDS courses and those in the majors)

We welcome a wide variety of writing — argumentative, analytic, narrative, evaluative, scholarly, academic — within these categories. Scholarly submissions may employ MLA, APA, or Chicago formatting and bibliographic style in accordance with disciplinary convention. Any charts and tables should be formatted as such in MS Word, and any images included should avoid copyright infringement.

(We also enjoy fiction, poetry, and drama — but those and other creative genres should be sent to our friends at The Accent.)

To submit to The Drover Review, complete the online submission form. You can either upload your essay through the form or email a digital copy of your entry (formatted as a .DOC, .DOCX, or .RTF) to Dr. Wetherbee ( Each student or alum may submit up to two works each year. Please complete one submission form per entry.

Authors published in The Drover Review retain full rights to and ownership of their work.

Link to online submission form