Volume 1 (2018)

Access the complete volume as a PDF here.


Front matter (PDF)

Editor’s Introduction (PDF)
Dr. Ben Wetherbee

Writing I

Swan Lake’s Got Nothing on this Suicide (PDF)
Sadie Wright

The Gunslinger, Who Is Also Named Gun Slinger (PDF)
Eren Hall

To Boldly Go: Getting Ever Closer to the Final Frontier (PDF)
Jake Marion

Occupation and Self-Worth (PDF)
Matthew Thomas

Writing II

Peeling Back the Paper (PDF)
Baylee Tassey

Love and Its Expressions in Atwood’s Poem “[You Fit into Me]” (PDF)
Korbyn Peebles

Prince Florian Has a Name (PDF)
Tia McCarley

Psychosocial Development in Coraline (PDF)
Ketia Henderson

Writing across the Disciplines

Sexuality, Stigma, and Science: Why Women Aren’t Studied Like Men (PDF)
Emily Rand

Allegorical Domestic Violence in “The Birth-Mark” (PDF)
Baylee Bozarth

Jekyll and Hyde: A Case Study (PDF)
McKenzie Schooley

Parents in Prison and the Silent Victims (PDF)
Shauna Medina

Cult of Misinformation: “Organic” as a God Term for Ethical and Nutritional Superiority (PDF)
Genevieve Gordon

The Enthymematic Connotations of Trump’s God and Devil Terms (PDF)
Destani Mailcoat Capps

Hallucinogens and the Evolution of Humankind (PDF)
Karis Jones