Volume 2 (2019)

Access the complete volume as a PDF here.


Front matter (PDF)

Editor’s Introduction (PDF)
Dr. Ben Wetherbee

Writing I

The One Defining Facet of My Life (PDF)
Christopher Wilson

Killing a Pig (PDF)
Logan Nitzel

Victory at Richmond (PDF)
Wendell Hixson

Writing II

Saint Misfit (PDF)
Korbyn Peebles

Chastity, Christ, and Camelot (PDF)
Tia McCarley

Writing across the Disciplines

The Woman in the Mask: Fantomina and the Theatrics of Femininity (PDF)
Baylee Bozarth

Gulliver as Swift’s Every-Proletarian: Dehumanization, Alienation, and Labor (PDF)
Genevieve Gordon

Undertale: Tales of Dystopia (PDF)
Kylea Caughman

Will You Accept this Rose? (PDF)
Hannah Freeman

The Syntax and Phonetics of Hiberno-English Dialects (PDF)
Summer Laurick

Sociological Frameworks Applied to the Port Royal Experiment and Tuskegee Syphilis Study (PDF)
Emma Wilson

Review of the Effects of Depression on the Immune System (PDF)
Zachary Waldroup

Branch Rickey: Baseball’s Lincoln (PDF)
Benjamin Verser

Race Relations in Chickasha, Oklahoma (PDF)
Katherine Loman

How the Homosexual Civil Rights Movement Set a Precedent for the Transgender Fight for Equality (PDF)
Eren Hall

jernigan award winner

George Washington in America Today (PDF)
Mandy Ozment