Volume 3 (2020)

Access the complete volume as a PDF here.


Front matter (PDF)

Editor’s Introduction (PDF)
Dr. Ben Wetherbee

First-Year Writing

Liberal Education: A Forge (PDF)
Kitty Lancaster

Quiet (PDF)
Scotty Hinds

With Liberty and Justice for All (PDF)
Kati Robbins

Evidence of the “Mad Artist” (PDF)
Savannah James

End the Stigma (PDF)

Her Dear Smile (PDF)
Wendell Hixson

Writing across the Disciplines

Buddhism as a Solution in the Western World (PDF)
Claire Smith

Dividing Labor: A Review of Heterosexual and Homosexual Couples (PDF)
Kylea Caughman

The Stigmatization of Addiction: Surveying Social Shame (PDF)
Hannah Freeman

The Racism of Misrepresentation in The Last Airbender (PDF)
Summer Laurick

Psychoanalyzing Draco Malfoy: A Queer Werewolf? (PDF)
Baylee Bozarth

Reproductive Nostalgia: Pregnancy and Birth in Dystopian Fiction (PDF)
Genevieve Gordon

The Struggle Is Real: A Look at Poverty (PDF)
Emily Rand, Caitlyn Hatfield, Mikaela Malloy, & Shelby Strangfeld

Jernigan Award Winner

The Impact of Social Inequality in the United States of America (PDF)
Hannah Dawson