Volume 4 (2021)

Access the complete volume as a PDF here.


Front matter {PDF}

Editor’s Introduction {PDF}

First-Year Writing

Blessings through Pandemics and Pollution {PDF}
Abigail Dulle

The Story behind “Raconteur” {PDF}
Eriyon Tecson

Rhetorical Analysis of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense {PDF}
Jensen Link

From Glory to Governments: A Disenchanting Journey {PDF}
Anastasia Dulle

Molest the Dead {PDF}
Destinee Asbill

Reader-Response Analysis of “The Yellow Wallpaper” {PDF}
Isaiah Young

A Reader’s Morbid Digest of Being Misled {PDF}
Mike Hixson

Breaking the Dice: The Nuances of Dungeons & Dragons, (Self) Discovery, and (Social) Development {PDF}
Kalep Glandon

Writing across the Disciplines

Modern Enlightenment {PDF}
Eden McIntosh

Kantian Enlightenment in the 21st Century {PDF}
Danielle Stevens

The Sublime and the Divine {PDF}
Claire Smith

Could Face Masks Be Harboring Bacteria? {PDF}
Abigail Davis

Rhetoric and Rock {PDF}
Shawn McDaniel

The Symbology of Serpents in Greco-Roman and Biblical Mythology {PDF}
Wendell Hixson

The Peculiarities and Paradoxes of Soviet Consumer Technology, and American Influences {PDF}
Logan Nitzel

Jernigan Award Winner

America Will Persevere! {PDF}
Erin McCaslin